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Beetle Kill Pine
Beetle Kill PineBeetle Kill PineBeetle Kill PineBeetle Kill Pine

We always carry a large selection of locally sourced Beetle Kill Pine, also known as Blue Stain Pine. Beetle Kill Pine is produced from salvaged pine trees that were killed by the destructive Mountain Pine Beetle. Our gorgeous Beetle Kill Pine inventory includes milled planks as well as live edge slabs.

Beetle Kill Pine is referred to as Blue Stain Pine due to its unique blue-grey color streaks. This coloration comes from a fungus (which is burnt away in the drying process) that spreads from bark beetles to pine trees. The impact is purely cosmetic, and has no effect on the strength or integrity of the lumber. The stunning blue streaks have made Beetle Kill Pine a sought after material for designers, builders, and DIY-ers across the Rocky Mountain region!

Pine trees should usually repel the beetles by creating a naturally occurring defensive resin, but changes in climate have weakened trees and stopped them from creating enough of the protective substance. With their natural defenses crippled, many trees die from the infestation, resulting in forest floors that are filled with standing dead timber.

Beetle Kill Pine has also increased in popularity because it is a sustainable building material. We only source from mills that harvest standing dead timber, aka trees that are already dead. By harvesting and milling this standing dead timber, we clear the forest for healthy regrowth, remove fuel for potentially catastrophic wildfires, and prevent the trees' trapped carbon dioxide from seeping into the atmosphere. Building with Beetle Kill Pine is a planet-friendly choice! 

Whether you're using Beetle Kill Pine for accent wall covering, ceiling covering, flooring, stair treads, floor boards, headboard material, kitchen island siding, shelving, backing for a coat rack, or anything else you have in mind, we can help you out! No project is too big or small. 

Come see us today to check out our full selection of Beetle Kill Pine! Due to the unpredictable impact of the beetles, no two pieces are alike, nor will they have the same amount of blue coloring. To ensure you receive the type boards you are envisioning, we encourage you to come pick them out in person.

Our selection is always changing, but the photos below should give you a good idea of what our inventory typically looks like.

Our milled Beetle Kill Pine planks are typically one (1) inch thick, and six (6) inches wide, and are priced at $4.99 per square foot. We do carry boards of other dimensions, please visit us in store or call for availability and pricing.

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