Open daily from 10-5 // 720-592-0921 // 1200 W. Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80223


Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at The Craftsman's Market! We look forward to learning all about your craft and your business.

The Craftsman's Market is a monthly celebration of local independent artisans who demonstrate their skills and sell their wares. Our team hand picks creators who are passionate about their craft and want to inspire others to get involved. As part of our mission to preserve the health of our planet, we prioritize makers who work with reclaimed, upcycled, and/or vintage materials!

*Please Read All Vendor Requirements Before Applying*

Vendor Requirements:

Vendor fees are as follows:

* $50 for a 5x5 (approximately) space indoors or outdoors under our canopy. These spaces will all be slightly different, but will fit a 5 ft table. 

* $100 for a 10x10 space

* $150 for a 10x20 space

- Vendors are expected to actively demonstrate their craft throughout the day, so you must be able to complete at least part of your work on site. Ideally we would like you to show your process start to finish, but there will be exceptions depending on the nature of your craft.

- Vendor shall commit to promote the event through their social media channels to the best of their ability.

- The artist who designs and produces the work MUST be present at show. Exhibitor’s booth must be open and staffed during the entire event.

- If accepted, you must arrange a time to come by Salvage Design Center to meet our event coordinator, Chili. We require that you bring at least one of your products for us to include in our promotional display here at the shop. This is intended to advertise the market to our existing customers.

- Vendors with 10x10 or 10x20 spaces are responsible for bringing their own 10x10 tent, as well as any furnishings (table, chairs, benches, etc.) and signage that they require.

- No vendor displays are to exceed 10 ft. in height or protrude into the aisle. Vendor's booth may not interfere with adjacent exhibitors. Please keep all belongs and display items inside your assigned space.

- Nothing shall be nailed, stapled, or otherwise fixed to the walls, floors or any part of the exhibit space.

- 110V Outlets are available for $10 per outlet per day. All extension cords used at the show must be the heavy-duty three wire type. No two-wire extension cords are allowed.

- Vendors are not to bring drugs or alcohol to the show or use drugs or alcohol during show or on Salvage Design Center property.

- Insurance, if desired, must be obtained by the Vendors at their own cost. The vendor must agree to hold harmless Salvage Design Center, LLC.

- Vendors will be responsible for processing their own sales and collecting any required state and local taxes.

- Vendors and their helpers must exhibit professional behavior at all times while on the market site. Salvage Design Center reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine what constitutes professional behavior. Violation of this rule will result in the Vendor, their helpers and exhibits being excluded from the market site.

- All equipment and possessions must be removed at the end of The Craftsman's Market. A storage fee of $100 per day shall be charged for any booths not removed from the premises by 7:00 PM after the market is closed. 

- The site will be open and available at 7AM. All Vendors must arrive no later than 8AM and set up and ready to start at 9AM. If you are not signed in by 8AM the morning of the event you will not be allowed in and will forfeit your booth fee.

- All Vendors are responsible for keeping their area clean during and after the show.

- If you have any special requests, concerns, or questions, please contact Chili Chulino at and he will do his best to accommodate you.