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Reclaimed Antique Windows: Multi Pane
Reclaimed Antique Windows: Multi PaneReclaimed Antique Windows: Multi PaneReclaimed Antique Windows: Multi Pane

We carry a wide selection of multi pane windows, salvaged from all across the state of Colorado. These photos are intended to show examples of the antique multi pane windows we carry, but do not guarantee that these exact windows are still available. To choose the perfect window for your renovation or project, we encourage you to stop by the Salvage Design Center showroom at 1200 W. Evans Ave. Denver, CO 80223.

All of our standard multi pane windows are $39. Exceptions may include: very large multi pane windows, stained glass windows, or windows that are exceptionally unique.

At any given time, we have at least 300 vintage doors and windows in stock at our Salvage Design Center show room. If you're looking for a specific style or size, feel free to come look through our selection or call us at 720-432-8893.

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